Cholsey Birds (196 @ Sep 2019, last new sp White-tailed Eagle)

Cholsey Birds as @ September 2019

Mute Swan (Common to scarce resident)
Whooper Swan (Very rare winter visitor, 5 Cholsey Hill Dec 2015)
Bewick’s Swan (Very rare winter visitor)
White-fronted Goose (Very rare winter visitor, last record Jan 2011)
Greylag Goose (Common feral resident)
Canada Goose (Common introduced resident)
Egyptian Goose (increasing number of records on the Thames)
Shelduck (Scarce passage visitor on floods)
Mallard (Common resident)
Gadwall (Scarce winter visitor)
Pintail (Rare winter visitor)
Shoveler (Scarce winter visitor)
Wigeon (Scarce winter visitor)
Mandarin Duck (Annual on the Thames)
Teal (Regular winter visitor)
Garganey (Rare passage migrant)
Pochard (Scarce winter visitor)
Tufted Duck (Scarce resident)
Goldeneye (Scarce winter visitor)
Smew (rare winter visitor)
Goosander (Scarce winter visitor)
Red-breasted Merganser (1 record, flew upriver 1st Feb 2013)
Red-legged Partridge (Common introduced species)
Grey Partridge (Scarce to common resident)
Quail (Rare to common summer visitor)
Corncrake (Regular until early 1960's). Last record May 1999.
Pheasant (Common resident)
Slavonian Grebe (Very rare 1 record on the Thames, Jan 1980)
Little Grebe (Common resident)
Great-crested Grebe (Common resident)
Leach's Petrel (1 record of dead bird 15th Nov 1952)
Gannet (Very rare 1 record, June 1985)
Cormorant (Regular non breeder)
Bittern (Rare winter visitor)
Little Egret (1st record 23rd Aug 2001, then 2 in Dec 2010, Jan 2011 now several annually)
Grey Heron (Common non breeder)
Great Egret (1 flew south Church road, 8th Aug 2019)
White Stork (6 Cholsey Hill, 26th Apr 2012, possibly some old records)
Osprey (Very rare passage migrant, last record 1 upriver 24th Apr 2017)
White-tailed Eagle (A juv seen flying south over Cholsey Church, 15th Sep 2019.
Red Kite (Common resident since re-introduction, few records prior)
Marsh Harrier (Rare passage migrant)
Hen Harrier (Rare winter visitor)
Montagu's Harrier (Very rare passage migrant)
Common Buzzard (Common resident)
Rough-legged Buzzard (6 records all Cholsey Downs from 1935 to 1975, also 1 record March 2011)
Sparrowhawk (Common resident)
Goshawk (1 record, Cholsey Fairmile 2nd Aug 1978)
Kestrel (Common resident)
Hobby (Scarce to common summer visitor)
Peregrine (Regular)
Merlin (Uncommon winter visitor)
Water Rail (Common resident)
Spotted Crake (Once common, last record Aug 1957, now very rare)
Moorhen (Common resident)
Coot (Common resident)
Common Crane (one record soaring high over village 19th Apr 2014)
Oystercatcher (rare passage migrant)
Stone Curlew (very rare passage migrant, has bred)
Little Ringed Plover (rare passage migrant)  Last record 20/06/18
Ringed Plover (rare passage migrant).
Dotterel (very rare passage migrant)
Golden Plover (Scarce to common winter visitor)
Grey Plover (1 record, Cholsey common, July 1962)
Lapwing (Declining resident and winter visitor, bred 2016)
Dunlin (rare passage migrant)
Wood Sandpiper (Very rare passage migrant)
Green Sandpiper (rare passage migrant and winter visitor)
Common Sandpiper (uncommon passage migrant)
Redshank (Irregular visitor, has bred)
Spotted Redshank (Very rare passage migrant)
Greenshank (rare passage migrant)
Bar-tailed Godwit (rare passage, 1 record of 16 flying west Cholsey Hill, 2nd May 2017.
Curlew (Rare visitor, regular breeder in the 60's. Last bred in 1978)
Whimbrel (rare passage migrant)
Woodcock (scarce to rare winter visitor)
Common Snipe (Scarce, intermittent breeder, more regular in winter)
Jack Snipe (rare winter visitor)
Ruff (rare passage migrant)
Black-headed Gull (common winter visitor)
Mediterranean Gull (1 record 2nd w March 2013)
Common Gull (Uncommon winter visitor)
Herring Gull (Uncommon winter visitor)
Yellow-legged Gull (2 records so far, Feb 2011 & Jan 2019)
Great Black-backed Gull (Rare winter visitor)
Lesser Black-backed Gull (Common winter visitor)
Kittiwake (1 record, dead Cholsey Common, 17th Nov 1957)
Iceland Gull (1 record, Lollingdon March 2014)
Common Tern (scarce passage migrant and scarce visitor along the Thames)
Black Tern (Very rare, Few records, passage migrant along Thames)
Little Auk (1 record found dead on road near Cholsey Hill, 9th Nov 1957)
Stock Dove (Common resident)
Wood Pigeon (Common resident)
Collared Dove (Common resident)
Turtle Dove (Once common now very rare summer visitor)
Ring-necked Parakeet (Two records 02/05/2006 and Nov 2011)
Cuckoo (Declining summer visitor)
Long-eared Owl (Rare visitor)
Short-eared Owl (Rare winter visitor)
Tawny Owl (Common resident)
Barn Owl (Rare resident and winter visitor)
Little Owl (Scarce resident, under recorded?)
Nightjar (Now very rare, bred Cholsey Downs, last record 1966)
Swift (Common summer visitor, declining)
Alpine Swift (1 record, July 1975)
Hoopoe (3 records, May 1st 1962, Apr 29th 1994, 1 19th Apr 2015)
Kingfisher (Common resident)
Green Woodpecker (Common resident)
Great-spotted Woodpecker (Common resident)
Lesser-spotted Woodpecker (probably extinct, last bred early 1980's)
Wryneck (Formerly uncommon summer visitor, now very rare)
Skylark (Common resident)
Woodlark (Several records in the 1950's and 1960's on Cholsey Downs) and a flyover on Lollingdon Hill 7th Oct 2016 and another May 2018.
Sand Martin (Regular passage migrant, especially along Thames, has bred 1981)
Swallow (Common summer visitor)
House Martin (Common summer visitor)
Richard's Pipit (2 records, 1 Dec 1961 and 1 Lollingdon Hill 24th April 2017)
Meadow Pipit (Common passage migrant and regular winter visitor)
Tree Pipit (Rare passage migrant, has bred in past)
Water Pipit (1 Cholsey Sewage Farm, 27th March 1966)
Pied Wagtail (Common resident)
Yellow Wagtail (Scarce to common summer visitor)
Grey Wagtail (Scarce resident)
Waxwing (Rare "irruptive" species, last record, 10 in Jan 2011)
Dunnock (Common resident)
Robin (Common resident)
Nightingale (Historically bred, no recent records)
Common Redstart (last bred 1960's, now a regular migrant esp. autumn)
Black Redstart (Rare passage migrant, last record Nov 2014)
Wheatear (Common passage migrant)
Whinchat (Scarce passage migrant)
Stonechat (Scarce passage and winter visitor)
Song Thrush (Scarce to common resident)
Redwing (Common winter visitor)
Mistle Thrush (Scarce to common resident)
Fieldfare (Common winter visitor)
Blackbird (Common resident)
Ring Ouzel (Scarce passage migrant, last record Lollingdon Hill 2017)
Garden Warbler (Scarce summer visitor)
Blackcap (Common summer visitor and scarce winter visitor)
Common Whitethroat (Common summer visitor)
Lesser Whitethroat (Scarce summer visitor)
Dartford Warbler (19th cent records, none since)
Sedge Warbler (Common summer visitor)
Grasshopper Warbler (Scarce summer visitor)
Cetti's Warbler (Rare, irregular breeder)
Reed Warbler (Scarce summer visitor)
Marsh Warbler (Very rare, 1 record from Cholsey Common Aug 1962)
Willow Warbler (Scarce summer visitor and regular passage, once common)
Wood Warbler (Very rare passage migrant, poss. Bred, 1, 3rd May 2016)
Chiffchaff (Common summer visitor)
Siberian Chiffchaff (1 record of 2 birds at a private site, Jan/Feb 2016).
Yellow-browed Warbler (1 heard in Whitehead Meadow 20th Oct 2017.
Goldcrest (Common resident)
Firecrest ( 6 records, 12th Mar 1965, 17th Mar 1978, 13th Oct 1984, 1 25th Dec 2014, 1 Jan/Feb 2016), 1 25th Apr 2019.
Wren (Common resident)
Spotted Flycatcher (Declining summer visitor, now rare except on passage)
Pied Flycatcher (Very rare passage migrant, 2 recent record 8th May 2016 & Lollingdon 11th Sep 2018)
Great Tit (Common resident)
Coal Tit (Common resident)
Blue Tit (Common resident)
Willow Tit (Very rare visitor, once regular)
Marsh Tit (Very scarce visitor)
Long-tailed Tit (Common resident)
Bearded Tit (1 current record, 2 Jan 1965)
Nuthatch (scarce resident)
Treecreeper (Common resident)
Great Grey Shrike (4 records, 1 Cholsey Common, Nov to Dec 1966, 1 Lollingdon Hill, 17th Oct 2002, Lollingdon, 21st Dec 2012, and probably same at  Cholsey Marsh, Jan-Feb 2013)
Red-backed Shrike (Very rare visitor, last bred Westfield rd. in 1960's)
Magpie (Common resident)
Jay (Scarce resident)
Nutcracker (1 record, 2-3 birds Dec 1968 to Jan 1969)
Jackdaw (Common resident)
Rook (Common resident)
Carrion Crow (Common resident)
Hooded Crow (2 records, 17th Nov 1966 and 26th Feb 1967)
Raven (Once very rare, now regular)
Starling (Common resident)
House Sparrow (Common resident)
Tree Sparrow (Very rare, once common in 1980's)
Chaffinch (Common resident)
Brambling (Scarce winter visitor)
Linnet (Common resident, scarcer in winter)
Twite (1 record, 2+ Cholsey Downs, 16th Dec 1962)
Redpoll (Scarce but regular winter visitor)
Goldfinch (Common resident)
Greenfinch (Common resident though declining)
Siskin (Common to scarce winter visitor)
Bullfinch (Common resident)
Hawfinch (Very rare visitor, an influx from Eastern Europe in Autumn 2017 saw several records in the parish)
Common Crossbill (Rare "irruptive" species)
Reed Bunting (Common resident)
Snow Bunting (2 records, Kingstanding Hill, Dec 1961)
Yellowhammer (Common resident)
Cirl Bunting (Formerly common, bred, now extinct, last record in 1968)
Corn Bunting (Common resident)

196 species status refers to Cholsey Parish.


Reeves Pheasant (1 record Lollingdon Hill 14th Apr 2018)
Black Swan 1 on the Thames 05/02/2019
Wood Duck (1 record on Thames)
Ruddy Shelduck (few records on Thames)
Bar-headed Goose (1 record near 4 Arches)
Indian Peafowl (1 record 28/05/15)
Harris Hawk (A bird has been around since 2009 to present)

5 species

(2 well watched sites are Lollingdon Hill and Cholsey Marsh and the respective bird list of each site is 150 for Cholsey Marsh and 137 for Lollingdon Hill).

Any mistakes are totally mine!

If anyone has any other records please let me know. Thanks.