Monday, 8 July 2013

Hot and Sunny

Sunny, 26º, a nice cooling NNE breeze.

A walk out around the farm land and Lollingdon hill today, nothing unexpected and little of note.
Around half dozen Corn Bunting still in song, two Yellow Wagtail seen and a Hobby.

I was alerted to the presence of the Hobby by a Swallow alarm call, I looked around and eventually saw the Hobby coming towards me in the distance, and how the Swallow saw it I do not know as it must have been well over a kilometre away when it gave the alarm.
The garden has been quite active recently with a visit of a Green Woodpecker, both male and female Great-spotted Woodpecker and four Moorhen (2 adults and 2 young) and plenty of visiting finches.

Young Green Woodpecker
Young Moorhens
Red Kite

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