Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Garden visitors

Sunny spells, 10°, light SSW, a milder day.

A bit of gardening today and a few pics of some of the visitors. A Sparrowhawk that visited was too quick for me so one that got away.
A ringed Blue Tit around and a Greenfinch with either half of its upper mandible missing or retarded growth but seeming to be feeding OK.

A couple of Rooks sneaked in to the far end of the garden whilst the Crows were pre-occupied chasing a pair of Magpie in the meadow.
The Rooks also busy nest building in the Horse Chestnut trees next to the garden.

 2 Moorhens taking it easy in the garden

 ringed Blue Tit
 Chaffinch & Dunnock
The Greenfinch

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