Saturday, 16 April 2016

A bit of everything

Sunshine eventually after rain, 9°, light NNW.

At approx. 17:00 this evening I was out in the garden when I heard a Redstart calling. I looked over to the corner of the meadow and there was a male Redstart in the hedgerow about 10 metres from the garden.

I rushed upstairs to get the camera and back out to the garden and at that moment some people entered the meadow and the bird disappeared into a large garden nearby and never reappeared.

Info from The EastEnder.

Not a great deal to report, but we have had a Willow Warbler here since April 8th.
They usually only stay for one or two days with us - so a relative long-stayer!

Also our first Orange Tip was on April 14th - but only one so far.

Slow-Worm numbers mounting now - 98 counted two days ago.

Ran my first and only moth trap yesterday - a very slow start this year. 8 species including a Herald and an Engrailed and an early Mottled Pug (not supposed to be seen until May.)

Library photo

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