Thursday, 16 June 2016

IT & Birding

Sunny spells with scattered cloud, 16°, light ENE.

The anticipated rain did not materialise until later in the day with a thunderstorm and a heavy downpour so I had planned to stay in any way to catch up on some IT work.

Fortunately working on the laptop I can view the garden through the day and there is a lot going on.

A Hobby over the garden mid-afternoon, quite a few Swift around (20+ over Cholsey Hill yesterday) and both Swallow and House Martin feeding overhead.

We had 3 Blackbird nests in the garden, 2 successful with 2 & 3 young raised, the 3rd appears to have been predated, not sure by what though.

The Nuthatches still visiting the garden and that has been a year now since they first appeared and long may they continue.

A female Great-spotted Woodpecker still visiting along with the regulars: 2 Stock Dove, Moorhen, several assorted Mallard to name a few.

The resident pair of Carrion Crow have been up to their usual with every now and again chasing the Wood Pigeons from the garden. They do not chase anything else (other than any other corvid which is rare) from the garden and have got close enough to take a few tail feathers from the odd pigeon.

4 Hedgehog in the garden recently probably two overlapping territories and a Short-tailed Vole seen frequently.

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