Friday, 14 April 2017

Loren's Bugs

Cloudy, 13°, breezy WSW.

A cooler day today and a bit breezy on the hill.

No butterflies today but Loren was busy photographing various insects that she found.

We have not managed to ID any of these yet, so any help appreciated.

Gooden's Nomad Bee, Nomada goodeniana. (ID Glen Maddison, Richard Broughton & Gavin Broad).
 This one had us going, Loren said it moved assuming it was a micro moth but I thought it was a piece of tree bark.
 St Mark's Fly (ID Richard Broughton).
 fallen flower
Hoverfly sp?
St Mark's Fly

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  1. 3 and 6 are St Mark's Fly. 1 looks like a Polistes paper wasp - I'll get a mate to look at it, it might be an unusual record.