Friday, 21 June 2019

Game of Crows and poor info!

Out walking today along the farm track to the Lees I was asked by a dog walker if I was a “twitcher”. I replied no, not these days and explained what a twitcher was. (The media incorrectly labels all bird watchers or birders as twitchers).

She then went on about the “Crows” that live near the “Old people’s home” (again I explained to her, “it’s not and old folks home”).

And she then proceeded to tell me that the “Crows” had killed a Red Kite (Highly unlikely) and had taken all the eggs (possible if nest was deserted even by another Kite).

She then stated that they are damaging cars by stripping the rubber seals etc. (again very unlikely) and she was going to get a 6 bore to shoot them (Illegal and a license required at least for the weapon).

When I asked how many “Crows” there were she replied “around 30”.

I then explained that the “Crows” around here would not form flocks that large and they were more likely to be Rooks or Jackdaws that use the Rookery near Church road.

I also said that the Rooks and Jackdaws are now roaming into areas that the Crows had dominance over and since their demise (due to someone catching and killing them) it has led to an imbalance. The Rooks and Jackdaws normally fed away from the village on farmland but are now more active in gardens and areas close to the village as are Magpies and Jays.

There are consequences of messing with the balance!

People make” knee jerk” reactions to situations they do not understand and screw it up even more. I would like to see any evidence to support “the Crows” killing a Red Kite and “Crows” stripping rubber off cars! And as for shooting them………my reply would be unprintable!


  1. I've heard of crows taking the rubber of wiper bades before now, happed at where I sued to work. They tended more to hit the rubbish bins. Crows chase the kites and pull the feathers out but I'm sure the crows kites get their own back

  2. All circumstantial but no fact. Most larger birds will mob birds of prey to chase them off their territory but it would be extremely rare, if at all, kill them.