Friday, 14 February 2020


A bright start then clouding over, 11°, wind strength increasing from the SSW.

Another weekend ahead and another storm to hit and forecast to dump a lot of rain.

A few BOP’s enjoying the gusty wind conditions on Lollingdon hill today. With several Red Kite and Buzzard showing off their aerobatic skills. Joined briefly by a Raven that was harried by a Red Kite and in turn chased the Kite. Also 2 Kestrel present.

As Alan noted earlier in the week Red Kites are showing some courtship behaviour with pairs chasing each other and calling constantly.

The same or another Raven flew south over the hill around 20 minutes later.

The Thrush flock was feeding out in fields to the west of the hill today, consisting exclusively of Fieldfare. Redwing were around but in small mobile flocks and the odd Mistle Thrush present.

Large numbers of Gulls in the area but most too distant for id. Some closer ones were all Lesser Blackback Gull or Black-headed Gull.

The garden was fairly active this afternoon with Nuthatch, Coal Tit and Long-tailed Tit amongst others and the usual Sparrowhawk turned up.

Mammals: Brown Hare & Roe Deer.

Red Kite and Raven, with the Raven inverted keeping an eye on the Kite.

 Tables turned

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