Thursday, 15 December 2011

Hen Harrier

Sunny, 7º, light E.

Arrived on the hill to see a Kestrel hunting over the south face of the hill, in the distance I could see another raptor heading towards the hill coming from the direction of the downs. As I got my binoculars on it I could see it was a Hen Harrier (ring tail), as it skirted the western end of the hill and disappeared. I got to the western end of the hill and scanned the area but could not relocate it.

In the distance from that point I could see 250+ Lapwing in a field loafing with 2-300 gulls.

2 Corn Bunting on the hill and a few Blackbirds (noticed a slight increase in Blackbird numbers recently, suggesting immigrants from elsewhere?).

A steady flow of corvids and gulls over the hill.

                                 Corn Buntings: Lollingdon Hill

                                   Little Grebe: Farmoor

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