Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Not much.

Not much to report on as I have been rather busy in the month coming up to Xmas.

The garden is becoming a lot more active now winter seems to have set in.

For the first time since I have been here I am getting House Sparrows visiting on a regular basis, a maximum of 6 together so far but they have been here most days recently. They have a tendency to feed on the ground around the feeding station with the Chaffinches. I guess they will eventually start using the feeders in time.

Other visitors include a pair of Coal Tits and possibly 2 separate groups of Long-tailed Tits that have become more frequent lately.

Other species visiting the garden on a regular basis are: Robin, Dunnock, Wren, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Collared Dove, Wood Pigeon, Tawny Owl, Treecreeper, Great-spotted Woodpecker, Carrion Crow, Moorhen, Mallard, Blackbird, Song Thrush, Goldfinch, and Greenfinch.

Hopefully will get some scarcer species once cold weather sets in.

I have also seen the Treecreeper again (the one with the dodgy leg (s)), managed to get some better views and it appears to have both legs but is crippled in some way. It uses its tail to stabilise itself due to some weakness in one or both legs and the tail is always out at an extreme angle to compensate.

Went out the other day to Farmoor where a Great Northern Diver was present and also a Goosander and then to Sutton Courtney and amongst many other waterfowl there were 2 Red-crested Pochard and a few Pintail.

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