Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Marymead garden.

Overcast, heavy rain then heavy showers, 7º, fresh to strong W (force 6, gusting to 7).

Woken by heavy rain battering the windows this morning at 05:00, strong winds have littered the garden with small twigs and branches. The bird feeding station was at a 45º angle J. Soon put right.

A massive Lime tree (tilia europea) at the far end of the meadow was swaying in the wind.

A Grey Heron was in the meadow at 05:00 about 50m from the garden, lit up by the building lights.

The Treecreeper with the dodgy leg was in the garden again this morning, appears to be surviving despite its disability. Keeping to the lee of the tree trunks in the strong winds.

Drove to Savages in Blewbury to get some sunflower hearts as I had run out, not a pleasant experience with driving wind and rain, also a lot of surface water on the back roads. On the way back I noted part of Hithercoft road in Wallingford was closed by police as a Tractor trailer had lost a load of manure on the Hithercroft roundabout J.

A Sparrowhawk zipped through the meadow this afternoon.

The usual Greenfinches, Goldfinches, Blue and Great Tits on the feeders and a supporting cast of 5 Collared Doves, 3 Wood Pigeon, 2 Carrion Crows, a Robin, a Wren, 2-3 Dunnocks, 10+ Chaffinch, 4 House Sparrows, 2 Blackbirds all feeding on the deck.

2 Grey Squirrels also visiting.

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