Monday, 30 January 2012

Potential Wind Turbine on Cholsey Hill

Extract from the “Wallingford Herald”

"A WIND turbine could be built on the site of an Iron Age hill fort near Wallingford.

Sustainable Wallingford, a community group established in 2003, has won a Government grant for £88,000 to carry out home energy surveys for 300 homes in the town.

But the funding also covers the cost of a renewable energy study for the area, including checking out the feasibility of putting a wind turbine on Cholsey Hill, between Cholsey and South Moreton.

Organisers of the group say Cholsey Hill would be a good location because the nearest residents are a kilometre away and would not be disturbed by any turbine noise.

Science writer Sue Roberts, who is leading the group, said: “A wind turbine on Cholsey Hill is potentially quite exciting – some people worry about the noise, but turbines are not very noisy and if the turbine is a kilometre away you would not be able to hear it.

“We will get a professional organisation to come in and assess the possibility of putting a turbine there and we will need to put up a proper test turbine to see if there is enough wind.

“People would buy shares in a turbine company and supply electricity by selling the power to the national grid.”

Ms Roberts said a public meeting would be held in the next two months so residents could discuss the proposal.

She added that Westmill Wind Farm, which has five turbines near Watchfield, could provide information to help them set up.

Sustainable Wallingford also wants 300 residents to sign up for a home energy survey, for advice on insulating their homes and other energy-saving measures.

Ms Roberts’ home is to become a demonstration house for the surveys."

Not convinced, too many environmental pressures on Cholsey at the moment!!!!

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