Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Marymead Garden

Sunny, 10º, light SSW.

Working in the garden today and spring is certainly on its way, Great-spotted Woodpecker drumming, Green Woodpecker calling, Treecreeper singing and Blackcap singing. Several Bumble Bees today but no butterflies.

A Kingfisher heard twice along the brook and a couple of Mistle Thrush in the meadow. The usual Red Kites overhead and a Buzzard seen.

A female Sparrowhawk caused some consternation at the Rookery as it passed over and was eventually seen off by 3 Rooks.

A Song Thrush visiting and 2 pairs of Blackbirds appeared to have established territories in the garden, also Goldcrest heard singing most of the afternoon and a Coal Tit infrequently.

I am working on a project in the garden digging out a few new beds, an area for herbs and 2 other areas for flowers, all native plants and will be preparing another area for a small wild flower garden in an attempt to increase the biodiversity of the garden. At this moment it is mainly grass, trees and many non-native plants that are rather drab and do not attract insects etc.

3 Mallards (2m& 1f) turned up in the garden after I had finished for the day.

A couple of amorous Hedgehogs in the garden last night and Tawny Owls heard.


                                   Great Tit

                       Wood Pigeon (dont always get a mention)

                                 Greenfinch and Goldfinch

                                  Blackcap and Blue Tit

                               Blackcap and Blue Tit  


                                  New plant bed

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