Sunday, 10 February 2013

Back in time – May 1974

As mentioned in my previous post I would mention the Roller that John saw, John has kindly sent me a couple of pics of the European Roller that was present on Aston Upthorpe Down from 23rd to 27th May 1974.

There have been three Oxfordshire records of Roller, the first in Balscot near Banbury in July 1869, the above is the second record and the third was in a garden for two days at Bruern on the 14th to 16th June 1977. It would be nice if another turned up in Oxfordshire in 2013! 
 Both pics © John Lucas
Back to the present day, it has been raining virtually all day so a time to stay in and catch up on things and watch the garden.

The garden has been quite busy all day with two Stock Dove present along with two Blackcap (one ringed on left leg and the other unringed), two Song Thrush and two Pheasant plus all the usual etc. Whilst tidying the garden yesterday I had a Raven as a “garden tick”, one flew over the garden calling, presumably the same one that Richard has had near his garden on Friday.

Could also see around thirty Black-headed Gull loafing on the playing field late afternoon and several Red Kite active over the garden and meadow this afternoon.


  1. I wonder how many 'sickies' would be pulled the next time a Roller turns up in Oxon? ;-)

    1. I should think quite a few as it has got rarer nationally! I saw one in Lincolnshire back in the 80's my only UK record.