Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Hats off to the RSPCA.

Thank you to the guy from the RSPCA who came out today to rescue a 2nd year Great Blackback Gull that was entwined in fishing line down on Portland.

A call was made by a member of the public today regarding a gull tangled in some line and in distress on the east side of the bill.

An RSPCA guy eventually arrived and fortunately the gull had hauled itself out of the sea and onto some rocks. As there was quite a length of line attached he managed to grab hold of the end and effectively reel in the gull.

He brought it back to the observatory where he managed to cut and untangle the line (that fortunately had no hook attached) and free the gull.

The gull felt a little thin so he decided to take it back to the rescue centre to feed it up for a day or two before bringing it back to release it.

A job well done, thank you RSPCA.

All pics courtesy of Loren.

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