Friday, 6 May 2016

Portland: The early bird

My alarm went off at the usual time this morning, 05:00, so I got up, a quick wash and then got ready for the day ahead.

I went out to the lounge in the Obs and noticed I was the first one up so I opened up the doors to the patio and put the kettle on for a cup of tea.

I thought it was a little dark but put that down to cloud cover that had come in and that I was still not fully awake.

Come 05:45 I started to wonder why none of the ringers were up to open the nets so I came back in and looked at one of the clocks and saw it was 04:45, quickly checked my phone which had a time of 05:45.

On checking further I realised my phone had picked up a signal from the continent and was telling me I was in France and it had picked up European time which is an hour ahead.

I had actually got up this morning at 04:00………………what a plonker!

Still did not see anything!

Got some Poms a bit later though, full report this evening.

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