Sunday, 17 July 2016

Local weekly round up.

2 lots of Moorhen in the garden over the week end, 2 adults and 4 young and about an hour later a single adult with 2 young. The 2 young are slightly larger than the 4 so possibly a week or two older. The adult Moorhens are very protective of their young and have aggressively chased off both Grey Squirrel and Carrion Crow that got too close.

Treecreeper, Nuthatch and Great-spotted Woodpecker regular in the garden recently and adult and young Green Woodpecker mainly in the meadow and also in the garden, also a frequent evening visit of up to 8 Long-tailed Tit.

The Harris Hawk also seen recently around Cholsey Marsh (per TW & JL).

News from the EastEnder: “Up to 7 Noctule and several Pipistrelle Bats seen over the garden recently.

Several moths caught recently include a Fern (also one caught by JL in West End), the second in the last three years. This species appears to have spread into the area lately.

Good catches recently including Elephant Hawkmoth, Small Elephant Hawkmoth, Poplar Hawkmoth and Privet Hawkmoth.

Other moths not usually caught included Bordered Sallow, Valerian Pug, Marbled Coronet, Barred Yellow, Waved Black, Sycamore, Plain Golden Y and Spinach Moth.

Also caught a male Stag Beetle and a female found crawling by the cottage.

Butterflies recently: Plenty of Marbled White, Ringlet, Meadow Brown, a few Small Tortoiseshell, Small White, Small Skipper, Essex Skipper, Gatekeeper, a couple of Comma & Brimstone and one very played out Common Blue/Brown Argus. The last being largely absent and also no Small Copper recently.”

Thanks to Richard Broughton for the following: Molly ended up rearing 5 ducklings to fledging (flying). There's at least 4 black & white siblings of their mother still around too, so overall that's 10 from the call duck lineage currently on the brook (from a single founding female 2 years ago). Molly and her brood are still together.

Local Sparrowhawks also have fledglings.

The Moorhen chicks were hatched next to our garden - originally there were at least 6, but from day 1 the parents foolishly kept bringing the chick’s right out onto the lawn, well away from the stream. Several times I had to 'rescue' the chicks and carry them back to water when the parents were flushed and young left exposed to kites/crows. Soon after they went under the bridge to your end. Competition with all the ducks might have been a factor - along with Molly and her siblings/young, there's about half a dozen wild-type mallards also coming to the garden (so upwards of 15 ducks!).

A Kingfisher is on the brook lately - always one appearing at this time of year.

 Blackbird bath time

 Molly and the crew (thanks to Richard for the pics).

Thanks to: Tony Williams, John Lucas, Tony Rayner and Richard Broughton fot the info.

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  1. spotted a dead red kite near Winterboook bridge yesterday but when I went past on the way home half an hour later it was gone. Have you heard anything?