Friday, 29 July 2016

Whats that bird?

Had a report today from a neighbour today on seeing a bird along the brook earlier this week perched up with a small Trout in its talons………………Not a full description but described as slightly smaller than a Red Kite, white under and dark upper and with a white cap and face!

He said it reminded him of a Fish Eagle which he had seen abroad.


  1. Interesting - we were up on the Aston Upthorpe Downs yesterday with the Butterfly group and saw a bird of prey being mobbed by 100 rooks in Juniper Valley. It was smaller than a buzzard, wrong shape for a red kite and larger than a sparrow hawk. It had a whiteish upper crown and had a sandy upper. Strong, straight wings and a fan tail. Some walkers suggested there have been sightings of either a Mash or Hen Harrier in the area.

  2. After speaking to TW we are assuming the possibility of a pale Buzzard as there is one nearby with a fondness for taking fish from a local garden pond.