Saturday, 24 September 2016

Eastender garden news

We had a Painted Lady today, following the 3 we had on Thursday 22nd. Also on Thursday a Clouded Yellow - our second of the year.

Reptiles - Friday 23rd together with the Treehouse children we saw 4 Common Lizards on/under refuges - this was unexpected since none seen for months before that.

On the previous day I recorded 55 Slow-worms; 4 Grass Snakes and yes no Common Lizards.

Small mammals - a family of Bank Voles on 22/9 and two Field Voles whilst cutting the meadow today 24/9.

Moths - trap on 20/9 included Beaded Chestnuts; Blair's Shoulder-knot; Brown Spot Pinion; Deep Brown Dart and Mallow - all new for the year.

We had 12 Red Admirals and 3 Small Tortoiseshells in the garden today.

The Admirals mainly on Ivy. Also several Roussel's Bush Crickets.

Today's highlights were 20 House Martins feeding overhead in early
evening, plus a Snipe fed from the centre of our meadow. Have never
had one in the meadow before - usually by the ponds.

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  1. 250 House Martins in slow-moving flock drifting south on saturday afternoon.