Friday, 6 January 2017

Cetti's, Chiff & Blackcap

Overcast, rain, 4°, light S.

A rather lightweight roost this evening on the marsh with only about 40 Corn Bunting and 60 odd Meadow Pipit. Maybe the rain had something to do with the lesser numbers of Corn Bunting turning up?

A Cetti’s Warbler and a Chiffchaff present on the marsh, the Chiff was with a Tit flock and the Cetti’s close to Ferry road.

At least 2 Water Rail heard and a couple of Common Snipe flew from the marsh.

5 Black-headed Gull on the river, a Grey Heron, 2 Cormorant, a few Fieldfare and Redwing and 3 Great-spotted Woodpecker around with one “drumming”.

2 Buzzard perched on fence posts on the periphery of the marsh and several Red Kite over.

A male Blackcap coming to Callicarpa berries in a garden recently (per Phil Dyson).

A Song Thrush and a couple of Long-tailed Tit in the garden today.

Best I could get of the Cetti's, it was nearly dark, raining and the bird was constantly moving.

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