Friday, 17 February 2017

False Spring

A mild day, mainly cloudy with some sunny spells, 11°, light SSW.

A milder day today with more insects in the air including a few Honey Bee. The weather is supposed to get milder over the next few days but February is a notoriously unpredictable month.

Very much the same out at Lollingdon today with little change since Monday, however a Little Owl heard calling from the usual area and a few Yellowhammer appear to be taking up territories.

Still lots of “winter thrushes” around and a couple of Mistle Thrush.

The Little Egret seen yesterday, flushed from the brook by a dog walker and flew off across the meadow towards West End.

A couple of Siskin heard yesterday also, flew over the garden calling.

2 Grey Wagtail feeding in the garden this week, a Kingfisher seen flying up the brook and 2 Nuthatch and a Treecreeper visiting regularly and a Green Woodpecker on Wednesday.

From Tony Rayner “My early checks on my reptile sheets have shown more Field Voles than usual all looking fairly plump. This suggests to me it could be a vole year, in which case it could be a good year for Barn Owls and other predators. And the first singing Chiffchaff this morning.”

Back in 1987 I drove down to the Sussex coast to see my first Little Egret which back then was a rare/scarce bird in the UK. Now as you can see they are resident and breeding in the UK with the first breeding record in Dorset in 1996. They have also bred in Oxfordshire recently. Climate change? I think so! It’s on my garden list 😜.

 Green Woodpecker working the garden trees.
One of the 20 or so Redwing in the hedge by the garden.

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