Friday, 23 June 2017

Garden Wildlife

Cloudy, 19°, breezy W.

A day spent with Loren in the garden today catching up on some chores.

A fair bit of activity in and around the garden with Chiffchaff and Blackcap still singing frequently in the meadow.

The pair of Song Thrush introduced us to at least one of their young as did the pair of Robin.

Young and adult Great and Blue Tit still foraging in the garden along with a Wren family and a couple of Long-tailed Tit.

Nuthatch and Great-spotted Woodpecker heard nearby.

The Mallard Mafia arrived in the garden this afternoon wondering around as if they owned it.

A couple of House Sparrow visiting and 3 finch species regular and at least another 6 species visiting.

Overhead there were approx. 20 House Martin, several Swallow and Swift feeding. Sparrowhawk, Red Kite and Buzzard also seen.

A Hobby seen today hassling House Martins over Honey Lane. Per Mitch.

Mammals: Grey Squirrel, Short-tailed Vole and Wood Mouse and Hedgehog and (common) Pipistrelle Bat at dusk.

Butterflies: Small White, Small Tortoiseshell, Comma and Meadow Brown.

Moths: Large Yellow Underwing?

Blue Tit
 Young Robin
 Carrion Crow
 Stock Dove
 Young Robin
 Song Thrush
Large Yellow Underwing (courtesy Loren)
 Meadow Brown

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