Wednesday, 14 June 2017


Moth trap last night was very good, and caught Blue-bordered Carpet; Barred Straw; Small Yellow Wave; Small Elephant Hawk;
Small Bloodvein; Beautiful Hook-tip; Purple Clay; Festoon and
Clouded Brindle - all the first ones for the year.

I am noticing that most moths I am catching are earlier than in
all previous years, so much so that flight periods quoted in the
guide books need to be revised. Per Tony Rayner.

The annual emergence of Scarlet Tiger Moths has started in our garden (actually it started about a week ago). They clearly pupate in the Lawson's Cypress we have in the corner of the garden, and at this time of year we get dozens every day. Quite a sight! Per Phil Dyson.

Scarlet Tiger Moth (library photo taken a few years ago).

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  1. Sounds better than my many Little brown jobs caught so far, agree about dates aswell even so much further north than you, making id confusing as I am a beginner to this and use the printed dates as id hints. Had 5 new ones in the last week !