Monday, 4 December 2017

Quiet Days

Cloudy, 8°, light WNW.

A quiet time out at Lollingdon today.

On clearing the long tunnel on the way out a small Goose flew over heading east, quite distant but managed to get on to it and am pretty confident it was a Pink-footed Goose. However, I did not get enough on it to be 100% so it’s going down as a probable!

A Raven also flew over on the way back moving south.

The hill hosted the usual Thrushes and Finches and 14 Corn Bunting.

A Sparrowhawk over the allotments this afternoon.

A Merlin seen on Saturday from the railway station, flew across the railway and headed towards Lollingdon and the downs.

Another pic of the Harris Hawk that was present in a garden along the Wallingford road.............has now moved on. Photo courtesy John Wheeler. 

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