Friday, 15 December 2017

Water World

Variable cloud, 4°, light NNW.

The water features in the garden proved to be the main attraction today with birds almost queuing up to bathe and drink.

A Fieldfare spent a few hours feeding on some apples.

Late in the afternoon, a commotion in the garden when a Sparrowhawk swooped in and managed to grab a Blackbird. However, the Blackbird had managed to get through the fence and the hawk only had a tentative hold on the Blackbird through the fence. After around a minute of struggle with the Blackbird shrieking the hawk gave up and settled on a nearby post and left the Blackbird inert on the other side of the fence.

Assuming the Blackbird was deceased I went out to the garden to remove the corpse but on approaching the Blackbird it squawked and flew off!

As it was getting dark we could not get any decent photos as the light level was very poor. I did manage a very poor shot of the Sparrowhawk hanging upside down holding the Blackbird in its talons.

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