Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Peregrine bath time

Sunny intervals, 14°, light S.

2 Peregrine Falcon seen today. 1 flew south over the hill towards the downs and then another encountered north of the hill in a field.

On the walk out I noticed an injured Black-headed Gull in one of the fields (damaged wing). On the way back I scanned the field and noticed the same gull present and on the other side of the track I saw what I initially thought was another gull sitting in some water. Once I got my binoculars on it I realised it was a Peregrine bathing.

Fortunately I was in some cover about 100m away so I decided to stay where I was. As the gull was only about 30m from the Peregrine I thought the gull was possibly prey once the Peregrine finished bathing.

However, after around 10 minutes the Peregrine flew off initially towards me then veered off and settled on the top of a pylon around 500m away to preen.

The gull was safe for the time being.

As the pylon was on my route back I kept an eye on the Peregrine but it was partially hidden and it flew off east before I got close enough.

Very much the same out at Lollingdon otherwise, still lots of Fieldfare and Redwing around and the usual flocks of other passerines out in the fields.

Another Common Darter noted again today and closer to the village than the one yesterday.

The injured Black-headed Gull
 Skylark (above & below, courtesy Alan Dawson)

Long-tailed Tit

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