Saturday, 26 November 2011

one legged Treecreeper

Overcast, 12º, fresh SSW

The “one legged” Treecreeper in the garden again today, did not expect to see that one again as I assumed its survival was limited, but it’s still dealing with it. It appears to have adopted a feeding strategy of sticking to the base of the trees (no higher than 1 metre) where the incline is not as steep. The only time it moved higher was when a Carrion Crow got too close. 20 days since I last saw it in the garden.

Lollingdon Hill.

Still a Starling flock around the hill, up to around 100 birds today and a flock of 200+ Fieldfare with a few Redwing. Also 2 Roe Deer nearby.

2 Grey Squirrel and a pair of Mallard in the garden at dusk.

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