Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Cetti's again

Cloudy, 10º, freshening NW, rain on its way.

A Cetti’s Warbler at Cholsey Marsh today was a nice surprise; Cetti’s have bred once on the marsh in the 1990’s but not since. They usually get knocked back in hard winters as they are at the edge of their breeding range in the UK, but expanding.
It is the only “bush warbler” to breed outside of Asia and a recent colonist to the UK, first bred in 1973.
Still present at 17:00 today, heard singing and seen briefly.

Several Chiffchaff and Reed Bunting singing on the marsh but not much change recently.

Lollingdon Hill.

Not much change here either, 2 Pied Wagtail, 50+ Meadow Pipit still present also 2 Linnet, 3 Yellowhammer seen and several Corn Bunting singing nearby.

Thanks to RB for the following.

There are six pairs of Lapwings breeding in the north of the sewage works, along the Bunk line. At least 2 females are incubating.

Also 9 Fieldfares there.

I picked up a very emaciated Rook near the Rookery yesterday, but it died this morning.

Blue Tits with lined or half-built nest, Dunnock still on eggs, and an Indian Runner laying behind a wheelie bin!

                                          Pied Wagtail

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