Sunday, 23 September 2012

Illegal hunting in Malta

Illegal hunting of birds in Malta is still taking place, my words for these so called hunters are unprintable here, suffice to say that what cowards they are.
The authorities are not much better in allowing this practise to continue and take very little action in halting it.
One of Europes rarest raptors a Pallid Harrier was shot recently and survived and has been flown to Sicily to recuperate.
A few recent pics courtesy of visitors and Birdlife Malta volunteers

              Bee-eater, shot and blinded and a broken wing.
                          Grey Heron with damaged leg after being shot
                                Shot Kestrel being cared for
                               Marsh Harrier
Sites for Birdlife Malta, please show your support.!/groups/birdlife.malta/

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