Friday, 26 April 2013

Another Redstart

Sunny spells, showers, 12º, moderate SW, cooler today.

Another visit to Lollingdon hill on the way home, as I arrived a Sparrowhawk was flying along the face of the hill and therefore initially nothing was seen. After around five minutes the first Wheatear appeared from a Rabbit dugout and eventually six were located. A little after I heard a familiar call from one of the Hawthorn bushes on the hill and located a Redstart. She tended to always sit on the leeward side of the bushes and was virtually always out of my line of sight but I could see her flitting around in the back of the bushes, I managed to get some distant shots when she was on the deck under a bush at around a hundred metres, I couldn’t even see it in the viewfinder and had to guess the location. A lone Swift drifted over (my first of the year), a single Lesser Blackback Gull flew north and around a dozen Swallow flew over.
A couple of Buzzard and Red Kite soaring over the hill and two Grey Partridge noted.

An email from another birder today who saw the Harris Hawk again along the river hunting Moorhens.

A Whitethroat in a garden in Church road.

There was a kayaker on the islands by the 4 Arches digging up Loddon Lillies and shouting and swearing at incubating Canada Geese and swinging his oar at them, both very dubious activities and at least one if not both are illegal. There is a photograph of this person and if I can get a copy I will publish it!

A few pics of the Redstart from a cropped close up to the original.

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