Friday, 3 April 2015

Birding from a window.

Cloudy, 11°, light to moderate rain, little wind (for a change).

Another day confined to barracks with this stupid bug so the only alternative was birding from the living room window!
The garden was reasonably active with both Blue and Great Tits carrying nesting materials into nest boxes.

Chaffinch, Greenfinch and Goldfinch all visiting the feeders regularly, the pair of Stock Dove, 1 Moorhen, 2 Carrion Crow, 2 pair of Mallard also visiting the garden at least daily, along with Wood Pigeon and a single Collared Dove.
The Robin is the most noticeable of the garden residents being visible almost every time you look into the garden and a couple of Blackbird very frequent also occasionally a Wren or a Dunnock will appear.

The over wintering Blackcaps still present with 2 ’s and a today and with the weather being milder they were seen fly catching. By the way, the is certainly the boss and not intimidated by the ’s.
Most of the winter they have fed on sultanas, apple and less frequently suet balls so presumably the cuisine is to their liking. Depending on the weather, they should depart for Eastern Europe around mid-month.

A Grey Wagtail heard calling a couple of times, a Mistle Thrush heard singing, a Green Woodpecker calling and a Great-spotted Woodpecker drumming and the Rookery is in full swing now.
2 Lesser Blackback Gull seen soaring high overhead and the usual 2 Red Kite sailing around the meadow.



  1. You're not missing much, mate! Walked up to the sewage works to check for swallows/martins, but drew a blank. Chiffchaffs the only migrants up the Bunk line. The c.10 pairs of lapwings that were there courting/displaying along there a few weeks ago have all disappeared. Male Grey Wagtail is singing daily on your side of the bridge - think there might be a nest there.

  2. Two swallows through the garden this afternoon, didn't stop as they moved west.