Saturday, 27 June 2015

And now for something completely different

The Siege of Wallingford

During the English civil war the Siege of Wallingford took place.

Wallingford was a Royalists stronghold whom supported King Charles as was Oxford (the royalist capital) and after Oxford was taken in 1646 it was down to the Parliamentarian forces under Thomas Fairfax to take Wallingford as one of the last Royalist bastions.

Today a re-enactment of that battle took place in the castle meadows in Wallingford on the same ground the original battle took place.

An impressive display by the English Civil War Society of the actual battle and a “living history” display of the times in the castle gardens.

The battle was noisy, smoky and at times appeared chaotic and with several Red Kites soaring over the battle field it felt very atmospheric and authentic. Same again tomorrow!

For more history of Wallingford : Wallingford History

Parliamentarian Musketeers open fire

Royalist Artillery return fire
Parliamentarian Artillery reply
Parliamentarian and Royalist Cavalry clash
Before the charge
 Another artillery barrage
 The Cavalry wait
 Royalist forces advance
 Parliamentarians halt the Royalist advance

 Heavy canon and musket fire
 Royalist Pikemen ward of the enemy cavalry
 Royalist musketeers open fire
 Pikemen clash
 Pikemen battle it out
 Royalist Cavalry Officer
Parliamentarian Cavalry Officer

PS: a lot of Butterflies in the Castle Meadows in Wallingford today, many Meadow Brown and Marbled White, also a Small Skipper and a Clouded Yellow

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