Monday, 7 May 2018

Small Copper and some Moths

Sunny, 26°, ESE.

Another hot and sunny day and thanks to Tony Rayner for the info.

"Our Small Copper appears to be the earliest record for Oxfordshire
this year, only beaten by one day to have been the earliest for the
three counties.

Also plenty of Holly Blue & Orange Tip.

Some decent moths over the past three days - Small Waved Umber;
Lesser Swallow Prominent; Swallow Prominent; Maidens Blush; Muslin; Orange Footman; Green Carpet; Red Twin-spot Carpet; Garden Carpet; Shuttle-shaped Dart; Flame Shoulder; Chinese Character; Scorched Carpet; Pebble Prominent; Pale Prominent & Small Yellow Underwing."

Don't Moths have some great names! 😊

Small Copper


  1. Hey Paul,

    Good to see you yesterday... albeit a brief rideby! Wasn't sure afterwards if you were involved in alerting the emergency services to the downed powerline or just out on your usual rounds! Anyway glad the ladies warned me in time (just!)

    Any idea what brought it down...?

    1. Hi Julian, no idea what brought it down....the cable just snapped. Good to see you to :)