Friday, 9 September 2011


Overcast, 20º, light WSW.

Lollingdon Hill, Cholsey Hill and Manor Farm.

Little around today Gulls and Corvids dominate the fields, a few small parties of Swallows and House Martins flying through.

The Farm Swallows appear to have mostly left, but one family group still around but not sure if they are just passing or had bred there?

A sizable flock of finches (I think) on Cholsey Hill at the moment but only seen from distance and cannot make out species, quite possibly Linnets?

5 to 6 Yellowhammers on Lollingdon Hill were the only small birds around.

A juvenile Wood Mouse seen, not looking too healthy though.

A Peacock, Speckled Woods and Small Whites were the only butterflies today.

                                   juvenile Wood Mouse


  1. That's a very young juvenile Wood Mouse, either just left the nest or nest disturbed.


  2. The field nearby had just been ploughed so maybe the nest was there?