Saturday, 24 September 2011

Yellow Wagtails 2011

This year has been an improvement for breeding Yellow Wagtails in the Parish. 4 confirmed breeding pairs and possibly 2 more that I have noted. Last year was only one confirmed pair that I was aware of and a possible 2.
I don’t even begin to understand the reasons why but possibilities maybe weather, different crops, more food, less insecticides, a whole host of reasons why!

The Cholsey Hill area had 2 pairs confirmed and 1 possible, The Lees had 1 pair confirmed and 1 possible and Lollingdon had 1 pair confirmed.

I did not cover the area of Cholsey Downs or the fields around Silly Bridge so may have been more.

If any other people have noted any other pairs of Yellow Wagtails in the parish please let me know.


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