Monday, 7 May 2012

Local news

First Swift over the village on 1st May, then daily.

The Rookery took a pounding over the weekend and several nests came down (one with a dead female on it), and many others seem to have lost their chicks. First branchers left the nest on Tuesday, and a fallen youngster was picked up and ringed on Thursday before being dried off, fed, and helped back into the trees.

Blackbirds hatched in the garden over the weekend.

May 4th
Large arrival of hirundines and Swifts today - 100 Swift, 80 Swallow and 80 House Martin over the sewage works, also my first whitethroat in the village.

Thanks to RB for the information.

Wheatears have been on Lollingdon Hill this week.

The Thames has flooded and has presumably washed out nests of Grebes, Coots etc,

Thanks to Tony Williams for the information.

A Little Egret (1st of the year) today along a flooded field by the Thames. Thanks to Bob Dryden for the info.

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