Wednesday, 11 July 2012

You guessed it, Rain!

Sunny spells, showers, 18º (warmer in the sunshine), light W. (warm and wet).

Managed to get out several times today between showers and managed to get caught in a few. Only 10 days in to the month and this could turn out to be the wettest July on record if the rain keeps coming. Some counties in the west have already had their month’s rainfall!
Still quiet birdwise but during the sunny spells quite a few butterflies on the wing.

Cholsey Marsh was roughly the same as last week, Willow Warbler was heard there yesterday so they are still present and Lesser Whitethroats are still singing along with a few Reed Warblers but the Sedge Warblers have quietened down a bit. Early morning is the best time! An adult Black-headed Gull patrolling up and down the river.
The grass had just been cut on Lollingdon Hill and there were 5 Carrion Crows patrolling looking for any prey in the cut grass and a flock of 10 Linnets including a few youngsters in the Hawthorns. Yellowhammers and Corn Buntings in song there and 2 Yellow Wagtails nearby, also several Voles seen running across the track probably Field Voles.

Churn was similar except for a Curlew heard and some Goldcrest in the conifers. A flock of Swallows (12) feeding over the fields and small groups of Swifts were passing through.
Come across a nice colony of Pyramid Orchids (100+ plants) and a few butterflies present during the sunny spells.
A Banded Demoiselle seen and Red Admiral, Marbled Whites, Ringlets, Meadow Browns, Small Tortoiseshell and Large Skippers present.

                                   Marbled White
                                   Meadow Brown
                                   Banded Demoiselle
                                       Pyramid Orchid
                             Selfheal (Cheers for the id Wayne).

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  1. The plant in pic is selfheal mate.wayne.