Friday, 10 August 2012


Sunny, 26º, light SE.

4 hours walking around Lollingdon today, proved quite reasonable, the hill was relatively quiet, only 1 Kestrel still present, rather than hovering this one sat on top of the Hawthorns and descended on prey from there, maybe running out of grasshoppers? In addition, there were 2 Pied Wagtails that flew over.

Walking along the track by the manor house I saw a Spotted Flycatcher and realised there was more than just the one, 6 in total all flycatching around the large garden pond and grounds. Just back up the hill on the north side, I heard a Redstart calling and located it about 200m away in a hedgerow that unfortunately I could not get very close to. Both Whitethroat and Blackcap noted.

Back down in the cattle field there were at least 5 Willow Warbler present in the Oak trees, a few Chaffinch (16+) and Tits in the surrounding hedgerow and 15 Stock Doves counted in the vicinity.

A female Peregrine zipped through just above tree top level putting the fear into all and headed towards the downs and around 30 minutes later a Hobby was calling on the far side of a field, flew in to a tree and joined another whilst a third was calling from a tree c50m away. Around 6 Buzzards seen and 4 Red Kites.

Dragonflies and Butterflies much as previously this week! A Blue Emperor dragonfly in the garden this afternoon.


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