Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Moorhen rules OK

Sunny, 18º, light N

Some antics in the garden today with the Moorhen becoming quite dominant, it has discovered the bird table and has managed to get on to it with some accurate flying as it has a roof, also is using the bird bath frequently (even though the brook is less than 100m away) and successfully tackled a Wood Pigeon that wanted to get to it!
A visit to Lollingdon hill for a couple of hours did not produce much, again a few Swift feeding around the hill and a Peregrine seen hunting and disappear behind the hill in a stoop.

Several butterflies again, Holly Blue, Orange Tip, Small White, Brimstone, Small Tortoiseshell and what looked to me like a Southern Hawker dragonfly but would not keep still long enought to be positive.

 Unusual visitor on the bird table
 Seeing off the Wood Pigeon
Threat posture?

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  1. How very interesting to see a moorhen in a yard utilizing the feeder table and bird bath! Fun pics and post.