Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Rain, 16º, light winds

I had a meeting this morning and on my way home I was passing Lollingdon hill so I thought I would drop in for a brief visit as it was only a fine drizzle but still enough to get wet though.
I had got about 100m along the path when I noticed a few Carrion Crow diving on something on the ground and generally creating, the grass was fairly long and I could not see what it was. My initial thought was a ground predator but all of a sudden a large black bird lifted off followed closely by two others, Raven!

The three Raven flew off hotly pursued by a couple of Carrion Crow and the size difference was very noticeable, then another Raven joined them from over the hill and all four settled about a 500+ metres away on a fresh manure heap and at that point the Crows returned to their initial location and settled down. The Ravens stayed for about 10 minutes and then flew off towards the downs.
Four Jackdaw feeding in the garden until routed by the local Crow, it’s his “corvid” domain so he chases off any other crow species but a delay with this lot as they spent a good 10 minutes here and one of them was fairly adept at getting on to the feeder that held some suet balls.

Also a family of Goldfinch around but the young have not sussed out how to use the feeders yet so the adults get mobbed when they move off with the young begging for food! Young Blackbird also in the garden.

 Ravens in the rain

 Jackdaw on the suet ball feeder
 Young Blackbird
Goldfinch family


  1. So they are finally here I had heard that Ravens were making a comeback and had been not that far away. Have to look out for them

  2. I have seen Raven's where I live, but haven't managed to take a photo yet.