Friday, 14 June 2013


Sunny, 18º, Moderate SW.

Still a bit blowy and a couple of hours on Lollingdon hill today mostly spent in one spot as shortly after I arrived I began to see Swifts passing over and moving south and in 90 minutes I had counted over two hundred passing over, I did wonder if it was a smaller flock doing several circuits but I was watching them disappear from sight over the downs still moving south, four House Martins also with the flock. An unusual movement?
Hobby, Kestrel, two Buzzards and a Red Kite around the hill.

A Cuckoo heard several times near the Bullshole by Jane Dawson today.
A Jackdaw came in the garden again today and alighted on one of the fat ball feeders and within less than 5 seconds the Crow (who was approx 100m away in the meadow) immediately took off and headed towards the garden, the Jackdaw left in quite a hurry with the Crow in hot pursuit behind him.

Red Kite
  Very high Hobby

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