Monday, 17 June 2013

Quiet on all fronts.

Cloudy, 19º, light to mod E, getting humid.

A few visits to Lollingdon hill and very quiet just the local breeding species present and the odd Swifts feeding overhead and the occasional Lesser Blackback Gull over.
Three pairs of Whitethroat breeding on the hill and several seen carrying food.

Cholsey marsh rather quiet also.
Sparrowhawks breeding near Marymead but no House Martins breeding this year at Marymead although several nearby and a Cuckoo again near the Bullshole and heard from the garden.

Very few butterflies and dragonflies seen recently down to the weather I guess as it’s been a bit cool and wet.
Some Bee Orchids and Pyramid Orchids are flowering in the east of the parish at the moment.

 One of the Whitethroats carrying food.


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