Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Lollingdon, 18th Feb

A sunny day interspersed with a few rain showers, almost spring like, 10º, light SW.

Decided to take a walk out to Lollingdon hill today rather than drive and as it’s been a few days since we’ve had any significant rain the flooding in the fields has subsided quite a bit, however it was still heavy going underfoot.

The walk out was rather quiet, a Mistle Thrush and Song Thrush singing in the meadow and a couple of Bullfinch and a singing Goldcrest in the millennium wood area and that was about it until reaching the hill.

2 Linnet present in a hedgerow to the west of the hill, a couple of Red Kite and a Buzzard over the hill and I could see the usual Black-headed and Lesser Blackback Gull flock and Lapwings in the distance but apart from that very little on the hill.

The thrush flock out at Lollingdon to the north of the hill was very flighty today suggesting a raptor of some description around but unfortunately not seen by me. At times the Redwing, Fieldfare and Starlings would settle in some trees and the chatter was audible for some distance.

Also in the area were a Great-spotted and Green Woodpecker, a  Grey Heron, 2 Grey Partridge, a Treecreeper accompanying a small Tit flock, and a few Song Thrush and Blackbird.

The numbers of Goldfinch and Chaffinch visiting the garden has substantially decreased this week from around 20’ish of each to 3 or 4, have they moved on or dispersed in to the wider area?

 Fieldfares (above & below)

 Song Thrush
 There is a Treecreeper in the above pic!

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