Monday, 5 January 2015

Fly tipping..........Why?

Thanks to the irresponsible moron(s) who dumped a load of rubbish at Cholsey Marsh over the last few days.
Could not clear it up today but will try and do it tomorrow!
Hope I find something with an address on!!!!!!!


  1. Thought you would have phoned the council and got them to sort it.

  2. What a shame Paul what tossers.
    We found flyers advertising a waste removal firm amongst fly-tipped rubbish on Otmoor. Despite this,utility bills from an address still undergoing building work & witnesses statements, the council could do/did nothing VERY frustrating.
    I think Rog had the right response πŸ˜‰

  3. The local council should prosecute if on council land or at least remove it! It's about time these councils stood up to their obligations and actually did something. If not we should vote the idiots out. What sort of message does it send if anyone can get away with fly tipping?

  4. Name and shame fly tippers!!!!!

  5. All done now. By the time the council get around to it the rubbish would have been spread around by the weather and wildlife etc, so it was quicker to do it ourselves.