Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Garden Blackcaps

We have had 2 Blackcaps visiting the garden regularly since early January.

Have had Blackcaps visiting the garden in winter for the last 5 years and there are at least 2 other gardens in the village that are hosting wintering Blackcaps this winter and in past years we have had low double figures of the species wintering in Cholsey.

Their main feeding preference appears to be for apple and they will feed on apples hanging on the fence, on the bird table or the ground.

Another food they appear to prefer are sultanas, however these do not last long in the garden as the thrushes also like them.

They will also feed on suet balls that have been placed in a suitable hanging feeder or on the bird table and occasionally take sunflower hearts from the seed feeder.

In the breeding season the Blackcaps main food are insects and late summer into autumn small fruit, (currants & berries) are also added to their diet.

The birds wintering in the UK are from the East European breeding population (Germany & possibly Poland).

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