Friday, 24 November 2017

#Blackfriday? Go birding!

Hazy sunshine, 6°, light WNW.

Stuff going to shops or looking online for bargains that are not! Much more satisfying to get out in the fresh air and enjoy nature!

A different morning again out at Lollingdon with a Stonechat appearing out of nowhere on the Hill and disappearing just as quick, a flyover of at least 1 Brambling with a small flock of Chaffinch.

2 Raven flew south west and a female Sparrowhawk perched up on the north side of the hill and a Chiffchaff in a hedgerow near the paddocks.

The usual Thrushes (5 species) around and an unusual sighting of a single Long-tailed Tit in a lengthy hedgerow.

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