Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Thrushes and Dragons

A sunny day with thin high cloud, 16°, light S.

A rather unseasonal day weather wise that felt quite warm in the sun and Thrushes dominating the birdscape out at Lollingdon.

500+ Fieldfare, c100 Redwing, c40 Blackbird, 5 Mistle Thrush and 3 Song Thrush and 100+ Starling on or around the hill.

Wood Pigeon numbers have increased in the area with a flock of 350+ that flew over.

A Raven, several Siskin, 2+ Bullfinch, 2 Goldcrest, a Chiffchaff and 2 Peregrine having an aerial dispute.

Dragonflies: 5 Common Darter, incl a pair egg laying in the brook.

Butterflies: 4 Red Admiral.

The male Common Darter guarding the female whilst egg laying, She will stay attached to the male and will dip the tip of her abdomen in the water releasing one or several eggs that will hopefully hatch the following year.

Noon Fly

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