Thursday, 25 January 2018

Egrets still around

Mainly sunny with increasing cloud, 8°, light SSW.

More rain yesterday has left the ground even soggier and heavier going than before.

4 Little Egret still present with 2 out in Lollingdon and 2 more out towards Aston Tirrold along with a Grey Heron.

Approx. 320 Lapwing Present and the usual Gulls on the flooded areas and still good numbers of Thrushes around.

During one of the sunny periods there were 4 Buzzard and 6 Red Kite thermalling over the playing field before gaining height and moving off in different directions and the “tail-less” Red Kite seen briefly over the garden beforehand.

A Kestrel out at Little Lollingdon.

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