Friday, 18 July 2014


A warm sunny day, 28º, breezy southerly.

Another warm sunny day after a thunder storm last night with some heavy rain.
A walk out to the hill again today and as expected the walk out was rather quiet.
A Coal Tit and a Goldcrest in the millennium wood. 

The hill was a little more active with the Redstart still present for its 3rd day; a single Swallow flew along the south face of the hill and continued on south and 2 Kestrel hunting insects on the hill to be joined by 2 more later, a couple of Buzzard and 3 Red Kite also in the area.

The Redstart would disappear further up the hill for 30 minutes or so but could still be heard calling and would appear back down where it could be seen occasionally (also seen by TW yesterday).

A Yellow Wagtail also briefly and the usual other species present.

A Brown Hawker and Blue Emperor dragonfly patrolling the pond nearby and another Brown Hawker on the hill.

2 small Hawker dragonflies in the garden this morning may have been Migrant Hawkers, also a Red Admiral and Gatekeeper in the garden.

Again 10 species of butterfly on and around the hill.



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