Wednesday, 28 March 2018

A wet one

Light to moderate rain, 8°, breezy NW.

A wet morning with persistent rain so decided to drive out rather than walk to Lollingdon.

Approx. 500 “Winter Thrushes” around the hill, sat in tree tops and chattering away. 90% Fieldfare and the rest Redwing, also a few Starling mixed in.

A Sparrowhawk hunting around the hill causing some consternation amongst the Thrushes.

Corn Bunting back on the hill with 4-5 singing males present, 8-10 Yellowhammer around and a few Meadow Pipit on the move.

The flooded field was almost deserted with a pair of Teal and a pair of Canada Geese only.

A Little Owl, initially heard then seen nearby and a pair of Reed Bunting present. 

A pair of Lapwing displaying near the Bunk Line. Per Tony Rayner.

Mammals: Brown Hare & Roe Deer.

Corn Bunting
Little Owl
Some of the Thrushes around the Hill (click below to hear them)

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  1. Thanks for the beautiful photos. Our weather is finally turning to spring like. We hope to see our little friends outside soon. Wandering the woods.
    World of Animals